Review: Fotodiox Pro DKL to Nikon Adapter

I had good experience with Fotodiox adapters. Nearly a decade ago, when pretty much all the Contax/Yashica to Canon EOS adapters failed to achieve infinity focus, the only adapter I found that could do that, was a Fotodiox Pro CO/Y-EOS adapter. Admittedly, I bought a non-pro version of the same Fotodiox adapter that could not focus to infinity, before spending quite a bit more money on the pro version, but at least the Pro version worked and I was very happy.

Fotodiox Adapters – You can see the Contax-EOS adapter is well used (and loved)

Few days ago I purchased a DKL to Nikon mount adapter from Amazon. The adapter arrived promptly, and the adapter is well made and looks strikingly beautifully. The aperture ring, anodized in aqua blue, adds to the good looks. The part that mates with the lens appears to be made of brass or very hard material, instead of aluminium, although the mount itself seems to be aluminium. A nice feature of this adapter is the selectable click/de-click aperture setting. First impression is very positive indeed, but unfortunately, that’s where it stops.

There are two flaws in the design of this adapter, and in my opinion, both are show stoppers. I really don’t understand how the design passed the testing stage, unless mine is defective.

  1. The locking pin does not lock the lens – it’s too short. I have tried 4 different DKL lenses and all with same problem.
  2. The maximum aperture on the adapter is marked as f1.9, but when a Schneider-Kreuznach 50mm f1.9 Xenon (all three copies), and the Voitglander Septon 50mm f2 are mounted, the aperture on all the lenses do not open completely. Looks like at f2.8 or f4.

Locking pin does not lock – circled in red shows the locking pin is way too short. It’s supposed to go into the slot in the lens, but it’s just hanging outside and afraid to join the lens. You can also see the aperture blades not fully open. The aperture on the adapter is set to f1.9, or fully open and I should not see the blades.

The DKL lenses I tried are:

  1. Schneider-Kreuznach Retina Xenon 50mm f1.9
  2. Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 50mm f1.9
  3. Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 50mm f1.9
  4. Schneider-Kreuznach Retina Tele-Arton 85mm f4
  5. Voigtlander Septon 50mm f2

DKL Lenses tried

This is really a sad sad situation. On one hand, I love the adapter; it’s beautiful to look at, and very well made. But on the other hand, it’s not doing what it’s designed to do. This is not a cheap adapter, when not on sale, and I really wished it would work as it should. Could this be a manufacturing defect? ┬áIt’s possible. I read the reviews and no one had this problem, but then again I don’t know what kind of lenses they tested it with. I can not recommend this adapter if it all works like the one I have. Only the Tele-Arton 85mm f4 aperture is fully open, but the lens has a maximum aperture of f4, and the locking pin does not work on this lens either.