My name is Yu-Lin Chan, also known as Lens Bubbles.  I am addicted to lenses, not just the modern autofocus type, but really old large format lenses, projection lenses, enlarging lenses, lenses from point and shoot rangefinder cameras, and pretty much anything that can bend light and form an image, is the target for my experimentation.

I wasn’t like this before.  For more than 10 years, I was happy (was I really?) with a Pentax Program Plus and a couple of lenses, and then a Canon Elan II with a 28-105mm lens, until this evil and wonderful thing called Digital SLR came about and became affordable.  I used money I didn’t have to buy a Canon Digital Rebel 300D with a kit lens, with the excuse that we needed a good camera for documenting the kids growing up.  This camera opened up a dangerous path to lens addiction.

This site will be a platform for me to share my experience with the lenses I have used, or how I convert oddball lenses to be usable on digital cameras.  I hope you will find the information here useful and maybe even enjoyable.

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